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How to handle your money if you know youre getting fired - TheJobNetwork

How to handle your money if you know youre getting fired - TheJobNetworkSometimes firings or layoffs come out of the blueyou go into work one morning, thinking everything is fine, and thenblammo. Other times, you kinda know its coming. Maybe things arent going so well with your company or your industry, making layoffs a painful inevitability. Or maybe things just havent been going well for you personally, and you know its just a matter of time. Whatever the case may be, if you can binnensee the writing on the wall and you want to make sure youre preparing yourself, how do you tackle your immediate financial future? googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) Dont make huge purchases if you can avoid it.If youre thinking of buying a house, investing in a friends startup, getting a new car, or whatever, reconsider your timeline. If you lose your job tomorrow and have to spend months on a job hunt, will you be able to afford this big extra expense? If this is something you can put off for at least a few months while you regroup professionally and financially, defer the investment.Know your states unemployment policies.Knowing what youre going to get, unemployment-wise, will help you stay on top of your bills in the aftermath of getting fired.Come up with several different budgets.You probably already have some kind of a general budget in your life, but this is a crisis budget. Identify absolute necessities (like food, utilities, rent/mortgage), and make sure you have enough money to cover those first. The fruchtwein important thing in your crisis budget is being realistic.Its also helpful to come up with a few different scenarios for your budgets. For example, Budget A is the on you use if youre unemployed for two months, with severance and unemployment. Budget B is the one where youre unemployed for six months or longer, with severance and unemployment. Budget C can be the wildcard, if youre unemployed longer, or dont have sever ance or unemployment. If the axe hasnt fallen yet, its important to consider all the different scenarios you might be facing, and plan accordingly to make sure your bills are covered.Get rid of unnecessary expenses and bills.Think about what you actually need in your life, and what are the nice to haves. Do you need cable, or could you get by for a few months with some kind of Netflix + Hulu combo? Do you go out to dinner or do takeout several times a week, when you could just as easily cook? Its time to put serious thought into the costs that can be reduced or canceled.See if you can modify your bill payments.Some of your bills are likely non-negotiable, like electricity or food. Others may allow you to modify your payments based on financial hardship, like student loans. For any bills youre currently paying, its worth the research to see if you can modify your payments on a short-term basis, if possible.Dont panic and stop paying bills.The instinct can be to stop and hoard all the money, because the future is uncertain. And while you may be able to ride out the short-term pain of being late on bills, youre seriously endangering the financial health of Future You. If you can make payments on schedule, do. You want to avoid future repercussions for your credit and finances if at all possible.Getting fired is traumatic and scary, but even if you know its coming, its essential to keep calm and prioritize your personal finances so that you can help yourself get back on track (or stay on track) as quickly as possible.

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Social Work Resume Objective

Social Work Resume Objective Social work resume objective examplesAs a social worker, you know the inherent value of communication, and your job application materials should reflect that. Resume objectives are becoming less common on resumes in favor ofcareer summaries, however, its often in your best interest to create asocial work resume objective to clearly convey your skills and experiences. If youre having a tough time figuring out an objective, these examples can help you.Creating a social work resume objectiveBefore you begin the task of writing your resume objective, you need to narrow down your exact expertise forsocial work jobs, whether its with youth in foster care, troubled teenagers, or the elderly. This helps employers figure out where youd be the best fit in their company and why. Also, make sure you have a basic idea of the job responsibilities and duties of the location, as it makes writing your social work resume objective much easier.Entry-level and experienced so cial work resume objective samplesAnentry-level position in social work is typically the first one that youll get right out of college. It may notlage require a specific expertise or a Masters degree, but youll want to know exactly the age, social standing, and other pertinent information of your clients to write a more specific objective.Writing a resume objective for a specific type of social work, due to years on the job, is simpler than a more generalized one because you have accumulated more experience in one area and its easy to stay specific and to the point. Here are some examples of each.Seeking a position as a school social worker at Company X to apply my university education, and listening and problem solving skills.To obtain a position as a social worker at Company X to help aid children and adults in low-income areas.To earn a position at Company X that enables me to work first-hand with the underprivileged youth of the community.Looking for a position as a social worke r at Company X to apply my years of experience in clinical psychology to help the mentally disabled and their families.Professional with expertise in hospice care and social work seeks employment at Company X to help maintain a healthy environment for patients and their families to help them cope with their situation.To use my knowledge of psychology and sociology to improve the lives of clients by offering them peace of mind and solutions to any type of condition, either mentalor physical, that ails them.

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How to Tell Your Employer You Are Entering Rehab

How to Tell Your Employer You Are Entering Rehab In one memorable episode ofThe Office, Steve Carrells character Michael Scott organizes a workplace intervention for his alcoholic employee Meredith and his so-called surprise party for people with addictions is a total disaster.Michael Scott may be a mid-level manager at a fictional paper company, but his actions do reflect a reality in the workplace Nearly 1 in 10 full-time workers in the United States has recently had a substance abuse problem, according to 2015 findings by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.The lingering stigma surrounding drug and alcohol addiction can impede many addicts from seeking effective treatment. Its difficult to tell your employer that you need to leave work for weeks or months to enter rehab. If you are struggling to get the conversation started, try some of these tipsKnow Your RightsThanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993, e mployees dont have to choose between going to treatment and keeping their jobs. The FMLA allowspeople to take a job-protected leave of up to 12 weeks for family and medical reasons, one of which can be drug or alcohol rehab. (Learn mora about whether you are FMLA-eligible.)Do Your Homework Before Talking to Your BossGive plenty of consideration to the circumstances of your employment- How long have you been employed here, and what is your status of employment (full- or part-time, exempt or nonexempt, etc.)?- What does your employee handbook say regarding leave of absence policies?- Do you have a sense of mutual trust and rapport with your higher-ups?Such considerations should factor into any decision about how much information to volunteer. In some cases, sharing more information than is necessary can introduce additional anxiety about an interaction that is already anxiety-producing. Or, that information may come back to haunt you later on when youre back on the job and successfull y in recovery.You should also research and confirm the following factors ahead of time so that the conversation goes as smoothly as possible- The exact dates of your time away from work- Your availability to work during treatment, if any- How you are preparing for your absence so that it causes the least amount of disruption to workflow or strain on your supervisor and colleaguesThink about what youll say to your boss before sitting down with them. You may also benefit from consulting with an addiction professional before the meeting. Some rehab programs have counselors on staff who can help you prepare for these sorts of conversations.Decide Whether to Reveal to Your Boss That Youre Going to RehabAs an employee with a health problem, you are entitled to the same degree of privacy as any other employee. You are not legally required to tell your employer the specifics of your condition.In fact, many people entering rehab choose not to divulge this factto their employer. You can alway s request an unpaid leave of absence for personal medical or non-medical reasons no further explanation needed. Alternatively, if youve accumulated enough vacation or sick days to cover your time in rehab, you can simply request the time off without needing to ask for medical leave.Be Clear About Your Motivations and Treatment DetailsIf you choose to divulge that youre going to rehab for drugs or alcohol, consider mentioning the following- Your apprehension about the conversation and why you feel that way, whether its the stigma of the disease, the fear that your boss may lose confidence in your abilities, etc.- Your desire to be honest about your medical decision, given that your boss may have concerns about your request or may need a doctors note or other information as verification- How treatment will improve your job performance and reduce absenteeism- A drug-free workplace policy (if there is one) that you take seriously- The provisions of the FMLA, if applicable- A request fo r confidentiality about your decision to enter rehab- Your enthusiasm about returning to work after rehabAvoid going into any detail about the history of your addiction or your uncertainties about the treatment process and whether treatment will help. Try to answer any questions honestly but also as succinctly as possible.Most importantly, keep the tone positive. Remember that your boss has enough to manage. Too many personal details may send the message that they now have another problem on their hands, which is the last thing either of you need a reminder that comes by way of Michael Scott.Anna Ciulla is the vice president of clinical and medical services atBeach House Center for Recovery.

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5 Resume Tips for Your Career Change

5 Resume Tips for Your Career Change5 Resume Tips for Your Career Change5 Steps to Crafting a Resume When Changing CareersWhen changing careers, you need a different resume-writing strategy.If youve decided to start a whole new career, congratulations While its not easy to break out of your comfort zone and start something new, having the courage to pursue your dream can be richly rewarding. In the case of changing careers, the journey starts with a single step creating a resume tailored to your new career target. Starting from scratch can be daunting, so here are five steps you can take to start yourself off on the right track during your career change.Step 1 Update your titleOften times, your professional title is the first thing on your resume after your name. Chief Financial Officer or Executive Assistant clearly let your prospective employer know the role you see yourself playing in their organization. It also strongly implies that you have fulfilled that role in the past. If yo u are transitioning to a new career, however, it can be misleading to title yourself a Chief Financial Officer on your resume if you have never actually been one. You can add the word Objective in front of your title to indicate that this kind of role is your goal but not necessarily a position youve previously held.If you dont feel comfortable putting your target title at the top of your resume, replace the traditional professional title with a Qualifications Profile and create a list of your strongest attributes that are applicable to your new job goals. Work the name of your target role into the first bullet point of your qualifications profile or professional summary.Step 2 Craft a new professional summaryIf you were applying for a job in your current field, this is where you would write a brief paragraph about what youve done and how you can benefit your future employer. When changing careers, however, you can use this space to highlight your most relevant transferable skills o r educational credentials and indicate that you are seeking to leverage them towards whatever your target role is.Step 3 Focus on transferable skillsCarefully review job descriptions for your target job. What kinds of skills are they seeking that you already have? Communication, vendor selection, negotiation, staff management, and development, for example, are all transferable skills that are highly desirable and not pertaining to any one industry. Make note of all your transferable skills that are prized in your new target industry and include those front and center.Step 4 Highlight education and certificationsSometimes when people are changing careers, they have educational backgrounds or certifications that suit them more to the position than their actual job history does. If this is the case, it is perfectly appropriate to place the education section before the professional experience section. This will direct the employers eye first to qualities that are directly applicable to the new job target and will work in your favor.Career Change Resume SampleStep 5 Identify accomplishmentsFinally, comb through your previous job history to identify the accomplishments that are most relatable to the new job. If you were staying in the saatkorn industry, you would want specific accomplishments that mirror the requirements of the new role. But when determining how to change careers, you may need to be a little more flexible to show your versatility.Rest assured, no matter how dramatic a change you are making, your previous experience has not been in vain. By taking the steps above, you can best leverage your previous career to help launch you into a brand new one.Click on the following link for more advice on changing careers.TopResume will give you feedback on your career-change resume. Submit for a free resume critique todayRecommended ReadingLooking to Change Careers? First, Make a Skills ListCareer Quiz Is It Time for a Career Change?OfficeHours How to Successfull y Change Careers

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14 unexpected countries that have banned single-use plastics

14 unexpected countries that have banned single-use plastics14 unexpected countries that have banned single-use plasticsEvery year, eight million metric tons of plasticaredumped into waterways and make their way into the ocean. Some of that waste will contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - agiant floating island made entirely of plasticand already bigger than the entire country of France.While recycling programs are set up around the world to process discarded plastics, ongoing use of single-use plastic products ensures a constant backlog. Whats more, the industrial facilities that repurpose recycled plastics create environmentally-unfriendly air pollution itspartly due to smog concerns that China (once the worlds leading plastics recycler) hasbannedthe import of any new plastics to the country, leaving mounds ofsingle-use plastics never to be repurposed.Single-use plastics include everyday items like grocery bags, soda bottles,anddisposable drinking straws. Because of thei r environmental impact, governments around the world have begun cracking down on their sale and use. So far,more than 112countries, regions,andcities across the world have agreed to curb the sale of certain single-use plastic items - and that number is only expected to grow.Here are 14 countries that have taken the leap to ban single-use plastic items. (They may not be the ones you would expect.)Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbudabanned single-use plastic bags in 2016, making it the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to do so. The island nationalstaat soon followed this measure withadditional banson plastic utensils and styrofoam.Antigua and Barbuda is so serious about its stance on single-use plastics that in 2018, national health authoritiesmulled overpenalties for individuals caught importing, selling, or distributing banned plastics and styrofoam disposables. In 2019, the government of Antiguaintroduced a billto the federal legislature that includes steeper fin es for residents caught importing the banned items. Antigua has also made a greater push to educate citizens about how to reduce waste.Since their ban started, many other countries, including Chile and Colombia, have followed.ChinaChinas economy has been growing steadily over the last few years, and,asTheVergereports,that means more people have a better quality of life. That better quality of life means people are much more inclined to demand other improvements like cleaner streets and better air quality.This is just one of the reasons why, in late 2017, the Chinese government moved to ban the import of single-use plastics for recycling in the countrys facilities. Since 1988, according to theUnited Nations Commodity Trade Database, China has taken in more than 45 percent of the worlds trash, with seven million tons arriving in 2016 alone.The recent policy change, although good for China, is not great for everyone else. New research estimates that because of the countrys refusal to t ake in more garbage, some111 million tons of waste will have nowhere to go by 2030.ColombiaShortly after Antigua and Barbuda banned plastic bags in 2016, Colombiafollowed suitwith a similar mandate to sharply reduce their use. The South American nation began by banning plastic bags smaller than12 x 12 inches. Colombia then issued a tax for larger plastic bags, including grocery bags, while mandating that such bags be designed with reusability in mind.After Colombias bag policies took effect in 2017, residentsquickly got used to bringing reusable bagson their shopping excursions. Before the ban, it was estimated that each individual Colombian used288 plastic bags a year. Within a year, the nationreporteda promising 27 percent decline in the use of plastic bags.RomaniaIn February 2018, the Romanian Senate banned thin plastic bags with a handle - otherwise known as plastic shopping bags - to comply withEuropean Union legislation introduced in 2017. The ban was rolled out in two phase s between 2018 and 2019 and has prompted stores across the country to adopt biodegradable and reusable alternatives.SenegalAccording to Environment MinisterAbdoulaye Balde, more than five million plastic bags littered Senegals streets and beachesbefore the nations 2015 ban on plastic bags. Senegals schritte was only one among many plastic bag crackdowns across the continent, dating back to the early 2000s. By 2017, a total of 15 African countries had instituted policies to restrict plastic shopping bags.While plastic shopping bags are popular around the world as a cheap and effective means of transporting small items, my findings reveal - quite surprisingly - that Africa is making more progress than others in getting rid of plastic shopping bags, and replacing them with more sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives, journalistJohn-Paul Iwuoha wrote forHuffPostin 2017.RwandaRwanda became one of the first nations worldwide to ban plastic bags. In 2006, the countrypassed a l aw banning the ubiquitous plastic bags in2008, that ban came into full effect.The Rwandan governments approach to enforcing the ban, however, isnt necessarily exemplary. Individuals caughttrying to bring plastics into the small nationface stiff penalties, including fines, jail time, and public shaming.South KoreaSouth Korean datarecently pegged the east Asian nation as a global leader in recycling. Now, the country is upping its environmentally-friendly ante by banning fruchtwein plastic bags. When the law took effect in January 2019, the countrys government warned retailers that they could face steep fines if they failed to comply.Some plastic bags are exemptfrom the South Korean ban, however. The law states that plastic bags may still be used for wet items such as meats and fish, and in bakeries.ZimbabweZimbabwe abruptlybannedthe use of polystyrene - most often used in the form of styrofoam food containers - in 2017, a legislative shift that caused some controversy among food se rvice retailers. The government also announced that it would issue fines between $30 and $5,000 Zimbabwean dollars to anyone caught breaking the new law.After banning polystyrene, the Zimbabwean government upped its game in 2018 when itbegan a phase-out of other single-use plastics, like bags.TunisiaWhen the nationsban on non-biodegradable bagsin supermarkets went into effect in 2017, many supermarkets began supplying shoppers with reusable bags, while others looked into reintroducing traditional Tunisian baskets, called koffa, into daily life. Though retailers workarounds varied, the ban seems to have worked. One report indicates that plastic bag usage isdown by 94 percent in markets across the country. Next up, a total ban on plastic bags is set to take effect in 2020.SamoaThe South Pacific island nation of Samoa moved to ban most single-use plastics in June 2018. The ban, which took effect in January 2019,initially targeted plastic shopping bags, packaging, and straws, but will e ventuallywidento include styrofoam products.The ban seems to have been warmly received. From our public consultation they the public really support it, 100 percent support it, and the reasons why, the impacts of marine pollution from plastics, they are now aware of it, Sepoa Apo, principal waste environment officer for the Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment,said in early 2019.BangladeshBangladeshbecame the first country in the world to ban thin plastic bags in 2002after they were found to be clogging drainage systems amid devastating floods in the late 1980s and 90s.The initiative was also a public health protocol for the South Asian nation. Plastic bags can become breeding grounds for mosquitos, which can carry deadly diseases likedengue feverand malaria, among others.But enforcement of the ban has been spotty. Since2006, the countrys mobile plastic courtshave become less and less likely to follow through with legal proceedings to penalize lawbreakers, and have rarely issued fines.CameroonIn 2014,Cameroon bannedthe import, production, and sale of non-biodegradable plastics. Although the country has struggled to implement the ban, some Cameroonians are pushing to making inroads on this and other environmental efforts.FormerCameroonian soccer player Roger Millas charity,Coeur dAfrique (Heart of Africa),works to helpin conservation and recycling efforts on the continentbut particularly in Millas home in Cameroon. In 2015, Milla helped launch a project that turns discarded plastic bags into cobblestones while employing Cameroonian youth.We launched this project to fight pollution and create jobs for unemployed youngsters,Milla said in 2016.AlbaniaIn thesummerof 2018, to meet European Union recommendations, the Balkan nation moved to ban single-use plastic bags deemed too small to be reused or recycled - one of the ways the small country chose to show its readiness to join the EU.Albanias plastic bag ban bars the sale, import, and manufacture of the small, thin bags. Failure to comply can incur fines between 700 and 1,100 Euros.This is a difficult but necessary decision, Albanian Prime MinisterEdi Rama said at the time.GeorgiaWhen the former Soviet Bloc nation banned plastic bags in 2018, the move was heralded as the end of an era. Many in the Eurasian country had once seen these bags, which were introduced after the fall of the Soviet Union, as a symbol ofmodernity and progress after decades under communist rule.Like Albania and Romania, Georgias ban is in line with the EUs recommendations and states that only biodegradable bags may be imported, sold, or produced within the country. Those who ignore the ban will be fined up to $200 USD, and anyone caught further breaking rules will see their fines doubled.This article first appeared on Brit + Co.

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6 Futuristic Jobs On the Rise - Apply Now

6 Futuristic Jobs On the Rise - Apply Now6 Futuristic Jobs On the Rise - Apply Now Technology is advancing and so are jobs in our society. With new fields of work such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 3D printingthe advances weve seen in technology have created new jobs that are becoming more and more popular. Whether you know about these technical advances or not, the reality is that these futuristic-seeming jobs exist nowIf you want to work at the forefront of technology, youll want to consider a career path in one of these positions on the rise. Good news is that companies are hiring like crazy for these roles today. Apply nowDetails about the role As an Artificial Intelligence Engineer, you evaluate challenges and gaps to design possible solutions for designing, developing and fielding artificial intelligence solutions conduct research on the adequacy and maturation of current research and shape the technical and programmatic direction.Companies H iring Amazon, BOEING, Accenture, MINTRE, Lockheed Martin, Teradata, ManTech, U.S. Cellular, Stanley Black & Decker, & more.Details about the role This position focuses on urban aviation and works to install, configure and analyze airspace simulations to determine the most effective systems for elevating urban air mobility and drone delivery efforts. As the Airspace Simulation Specialist, you would conduct real-time scenarios to pave the way for urban airspace.Companies Hiring Uber,GDIT, MTSI & more.Details about the role As a Robotics Technician, you provide operations and maintenance service to a fleet of robots. For example, if a robot fails during operations or blocks a pathway, your job is to perform maintenance repairs and support.Companies hiring ULC Robotics Inc., Sharp HealthCare, CBRE, EWI, Magna Exteriors, Jacobs, Daimler, Hyster-Yale, TechUSA & more.Details about the role As a Drone Operator or Tester, one can expect t manage a team of drone pilots to direct flight paths manage mechanics record and analyze data of flights coordinate with the FAA and air traffic control and troubleshoot challenges in the field.Companies hiring Aerial Applications, ALQIMI, Sizzle Reel, HGTV, Airware, Jasper Contractors Inc., DroneDeploy & more.Details about the role In the world of virtual reality, as a developer or engineer, you will be building features for the next generation of VR by bringing the vision of designers, artists and other engineers to life. You will be an architect to build the virtual world and experiences for clients in VR device platforms.Companies hiring Excell, Oculus, Vulcan, Artefact Group, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, PennState, Google, AIG & more.Details about the role As a 3D printer technician, youll no only operate 3D print jobs, but you will perform maintenance and service production on 33D printers. Youll work toward accuracy and tolerance of mechanical drawings and make imp rovements and suggestions about mechanical performance. Companies hiring Arevo, System One, Kelly Services, Bastech Inc., Duncan-Parnell Inc., SprintRay & more.

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